Parks & Recreation Activities



Hello Brentwood Parents! Until the end of the school year, we will be offering a weekly BRENTWOOD REC OPEN GYM for interested residents of Swasey School grades 1st-6th. 




From May 17th- June 14th on Wednesdays, we will go from 6-7pm and there will be coaches present at the gym to organize drills and scrimmages. There will be a focus on skill building (dribbling, passing, defense, form shooting) during these open gyms, but the true #1 focus will be on having fun! Basketball is a great game to build teamwork and confidence amongst kids. We have the Swasey School gym available, so let's put it to good use!


  • Sneakers
  • Dark & Light-colored shirts (for scrimmages)
  • Water

Games are played at the Swasey Elementary Gym Court and volunteers are welcomed. There is no cost to sign up, but players still need to register with the Recreation Office. You can register through the Brentwood Recreation website or at the Recreation Office. Families can also register for pickup basketball at Swasey Gym on the first night of pickup basketball.